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      Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU)

(SIMU) established at both state and national levels. The SIMU brings together M&E, surveillance, and operations research. The term SIM refers to the transformation of data from all these sources in their raw form into information that can be applied to decisions made about program management or planning. This process is strategic because data from multiple sources are assessed in terms of quality and relevance to develop a more systematic understanding of what the information is saying about the programme.

Establishment of SIMU is seen as a step towards intensifying efforts on improving data quality from all data sources. Having clear roles and responsibilities defined would facilitate greater accountability and better quality of data and information use. Additionally, using information from various data sources systematically through triangulation would lead to better interpretations and programmatic decisions.

The strategic Information Management Units established at National and State levels

would work in close co¬ordination. The broad functions they would perform are –

  • Develop state M&E plans and implement M&E activities within state and report to national M&E
  • Collect, verify and process data on HIV related activities from all units within state
  • Implement HIV M&E activities locally which would include ensuring data quality; the accuracy, completeness and timeliness and reporting it to National SIMU
  • Prepare state level reports, provide data to State Government, provide analysis and evidence to guide the programme decisions.
  • Technically and professionally guide, supervise and support data collection for M&E indicators from the districts
  • Organize trainings on M&E based on needs
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