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Targeted Intervention
Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART)
Care Support (CSC) & Home Based Care
Information Edu. & Comm.
Mainstreaming & Public Privite Partnership
Condom Promotion
Blood Safety
Sentinel Surveillance
Monitoring & Evalution
HIV and AIDS Act_HIindi
HIV and AIDS Act_English
Resourcre Center
Networking with PLHA
Multi Partnerpeer Counsellor Initiative
NGOs working with HRBG
ICTC Register Tender  
Simit Nivida Suchana  
Tender Notice 2019  
Date Extension For Tender Of Printing  
Nib For Printing Of Materials  
Tender Document For Printing Of Materials 
Leave Order 
Q1- 2018-19 FORM 16A 
Q2 FORM 16A 2018-19 
Q-3 FORM 16A 2018-19 
Q4- FORM 16A 2018-19 
AV spot date extended 24-Jun-2019 
Form no.16 A QTR-4 
Form 16A IV Qtr 2018-19 
AV Spot On Doordarshan Nivida 
Nib Lunch 
Bid Godam 
Nib For Godam 
Bid Transport 
Nib For Transport 
Canceling Nivida No- 362 28-May-2019 
Tender for AV Spot on DD 
Nivida (ICTC Safe Delivery Kit) 
Tender for Godown  
Form 16-Q1 FY 2018-19  
FORM 16-Q2 FY 2018-19  
Tender Note  
EOI For TI Evaluation 2018-19  
Nivida for HSS  
AV spot on DD 
Form No.16 A Qtr-2 Revised FY17-18
Form no.16A Qtr-3 FY 17-18
Form No.16 A Qtr-4 FY 17-18
Nilami suchana 
Maternity leave order
Option For Old Items(Office materials etc.) 
FORM 16AQTR-3 FY17-18 
Nivida Suchna 
Tender form for Supply Of Safe Delivery KIT 
Tender form for printing material 
Tender form for stationary material 
Tender form for consumable items 
Tender nivida 
Interview of SMO & MOs 
Nivida suchana 
Tender form 
FORM NO.16 A for QTR-1 of FY 17-18
Form No.16 A-TDS Q2 2017-18
Tender form(1) 
Nivida suchana(1) 
Tender form(1)  
Nivida suchana 3636  
New Nivida suchana  
Tender form  
Circular 3373 Dt  
CA Appoinment 2017-18  
Form 16A 1 & 2 Qutr F Y 2016-17
form16a for qtr 3rd & 4th
Nivida Suchna (IEC Printing)
Nivida Suchna (Nilami)
Tender Note
Nivida Suchna (CST)
Photo State 
Stationery Work 
Nivida Suchna 
Nivida Suchna 
Nivida Suchna 
Tender for Taxi 
News Letter
Form 16A 2014-15
Q3-3  Q4-1 
General Instruction for ART Centers and LACs Recuirtment 2014-15
RSACS Contractual Employees Bond
Annual Leave Program

Revised Order of Maternity Leave 
Job Responsibility of ARTC-LAC Staff 
List of selected bidders Annexure B 
List of rejected bidde Annexure C 
List of selected bidders for Financial bid Annexure D 
Extension order for Blood Banks & EQUAS staff 
Extension order for DAPCU staff 
Extension order for ICTCs Emp. from 01-07-14 
Extension order for STI Councellors from 01-07-14 
TORs of ARTC Facility Level 
FORM 16A 13-14 
Q1 1 
Q1 2 
Q1 3 
Q2 1 
Q2 2 
Q2 3 
Q4 1 
Q4 2 
Q4 3 
Q4 4 
State Resource Pool Rajasthan
Nilami Suchna
Revised Nilami Suchna
Trainging 20 computer tender note
Nivida Suchna
Tender Note
Welcome to Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society
Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society (RSACS) is an autonomous society formed by Government of Rajasthan with its members drawn from various departments. This web portal will give you a comprehensive one-stop dashboard for services of RSACS and HIV/AIDS related activities in Rajasthan State, India .

   Anti Retro Viral Therapy      Blood Safety
In order to provide care, support and treatment to people infected HIV and AIDS

The overall HIV sero-positivity in the state in 2007 in ANC cases has been 0.25%,

   ICTC      Targeted Intervention
An individual who is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) will
Targeted intervention as a strategy for prevention has proved to be an effective
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