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Realizing the need for a broader and more effective response and to facilitate smooth implementation of HIV and AIDS Prevention activities. State Government has setup the state AIDS cell in the Medical Health Directorate in the year 1992. The society was constituted under the chairmanship of secretary health in December 1998 to implement National AIDS Control Programme more swiftly.
Rajasthan State AIDS control society was formed under the Rajasthan society act 1958 on 19.12.1998 National AIDS Control Programme is being implemented by AIDS cell formed under the Directorate of Medical and Health Services, Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
The AIDS cell receives all the AIDS funds from the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India in form of grant aid.
Why AIDS is our health priority

  • Long incubation period
  • Window Period 2-6 months (unknowingly spreading the infection to others)
  • Mainly Sexually Transmissible
  • HIV infection is mainly due to private decisions
  • Kills the Fittest ( most productive age group)
  • Death is preceded by a fairly long period of illness

HIV/AIDS - Vulnerability in Rajasthan

  • A large population of 56.4 million…even a small HIV increase translates into a large problem.
  • Huge numbers of in and out-migration.
  • 19% of all mines in India, with 0.5 million miners.
  • 25,000 trucks pass every day on NH 8.
  • Every third foreign tourist and every second domestic tourist wants to come in Raj.