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Technical Support Unit

The Technical Support Unit in Rajasthan is supporting the Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society in providing supportive supervision and technical support to the Targeted Intervention programs for MARPs and Bridge Populations in the State.

Role of Technical Support Unit

A) Purpose of the Technical Support Unit

To extend technical assistance in specified areas to the SACS in helping it achieve the NACP goals and objectives. The TSU is a coordinator and not an implementing agency unless specifically requested to. Since prevention is the mainstay of the national strategy to control HIV/AIDS, the TSU is required to focus and bring in technical and professional expertise in the areas of prevention and which include, evidence based strategic planning and resource planning, capacity building and activities related to strengthening Targeted Interventions (TIs).

B) Specific Scope of Work

The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

I. Targeted Interventions (TIs)

Facilitate Saturation in Coverage and Strengthen Quality of Implementation:

Provide support to SACS in ensuring saturation of coverage by TIs working with

·         High risk groups viz. Female Sex workers, IDUs, MSM and TG

·         Bridge population viz. truckers and migrants (including source, transit and destination)

·         Link workers


Activities: Assist SACS in identifying and building capacities of NGO, CBO and Civil Society partners. Mobilize partnerships for implementation of interventions involving NGO/CBO and Civil Society. The key steps include:

·         Provide orientation on TI strategy of NACP

·         Support for needs assessment, mapping & TI planning

·         Evolving a state TI roll out plan

·         Develop TI Implementation plan for the state

·         Assist SACS in process for identification of NGO partners but not participate in selection

·         Facilitate in identifying Capacity building institutes

·         Technical assistance in developing curriculum & training manuals for the state

·         Capacity building for NGO/ CBO on program & financial management

·         Documenting & disseminating best practices and developing learning sites

·         Evolve mechanisms for linkages between prevention & care programs

·         Developing strategies for development and transition from NGO TI to CBO TI

·         Assist SACS in conducting periodic/quarterly review of the TI partners

·         Submit performance report of TIs with recommendations to SACS/NACO

·         Extensive field based mentoring of TIs through PO TI to ensure that all TIs and OST centers in Govt. facilities are visited every month


II. STI services: Supporting SACS in expanding access to services, quality control/assurance and monitoring

·         Technical assistance in mapping STI care providers in the TI areas (TI clinics, PPPs and Govt. facilities having STI facilities)

·         Develop and assist in contracts with PPPs

·         Capacity building of STI care providers

·         Provide STI materials, treatment protocols and guidelines of NACO to STI care providers

·         Ensure adequate stock of STI medicines and monitoring supply chain

·         Ensure regular reporting on no. STI episodes and treatment details

·         Periodic review of the STI program implementation at state

·         Ensure quality of waste disposal system

·         Ensure adherence to treatment and ethical guidelines

·         Provide adequate mentoring of STI care providers through field visits by PO STI


III. Essential commodities (Condom and Needles/Syringes): Ensuring access to condoms and Needles/Syringes to HRGs

·         Assist SACS to develop annual requirement for condoms in state

·         Assist SACS in developing condom promotion plan including social marketing and female condoms

·         Facilitate training programs and provide guidelines/ materials on condom promotion

·         Assist SACS in monitoring supply chain system and reviewing demand and distribution in co-ordination with Condom TSG

·         Ensure periodic reporting and quality assurance aspects

·         Assist SACS in calculating budget for N/S for each TI during AAP

·         Ensure TIs procure N/S according to demand

·         Facilitate training programs and provide guidelines/ materials on NSEP

·         Monitor and review demand/supply of N/S at TI level

·         Strengthen outreach to facilitate service deliver through mentoring visits by PO TI


IV. Referral Linkages

·         Ensure that linkages are developed at TI level forHIV testing at ICTCs

·         Referrals to ART center

·         Testing for TB at RNTCP centers

·         Care and Support needs with CCC and Positive Networks


V. Strategic Planning

a. Assist SACS in preparation of Annual Action Plans (AAP).

·   Analyze data from CMIS, other reports and sources for planning

· Analyze data from programmes implemented outside SACS budget by Development Partners, NGOs etc.

·    Assist SACS in development of implementation strategy

·  Assist SACS in finalization of TI implementation plan (including TI coverage, OST activities, TI evaluation and re-contracting)

b. Assess and analyses resources (human, institutional and financial) available in districts for identifying cost effective strategies to achieve NACP objectives

VI. Capacity building

·     Assist SACS in identification of training institutions

·     Preparation of training materials, modules and kits as required and authorized by SACS so as to ensure no duplication of work done by NACO/SACS

·    Development of a training calendar and assessment of training load covering all key staff of the programme implementation units and ensure their attendance

·      Evaluate quality of training and grading of participants for further training based on an evaluation system to be developed

·         Establishment of mentoring programmes and learning sites

·         Periodic evaluation of effectiveness of these programmes.

·    Identification of technical and management resource persons/consultants for programme implementation support


VII. Mainstreaming, Social Mobilization

·   Identify key Departments/Ministries that have substantial outreach to the community and vulnerable groups (such as Women& Child development, Education, Rural development, Tribal Affairs etc.) and provide consultant support to develop specific Department/program/activity wise plans

· Identify potential areas for integration of HIV /AIDS related activities

· Development of advocacy and communication materials as required for each department

· Identification and planning of resource (human, financial and institutional) requirements under each department and available within the departments for use with incremental expenditures by SACS for undertaking HIV/AIDS activities

· Identify Faith Based organizations, civil society networks, NGOs working in health and outside health sector, Self Help groups in mobilizing support for HIV prevention and control activities

· Facilitate implementation of GIPA policy guidelines


VIII. Monitoring and Evaluation

·   Assist SACS to ensure availability of reporting registers and formats at TI level

·   Ensure quality of data collected at TI level through mentoring visits

·   Analyze data on monthly basis and present report to SACS

·   Assist SACS in taking decisions based on analysis (capacity building, regulatory etc.)


Regional Location of the Project Officer (POs)


Name of the Region/Zone

District Covered

No of Facilities


Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur, Kota, Bundi, Sikar,Jhalawar,Bhilwara

14 TI  +1 Transit +1 OST


Udaipur,Rajsamand, Chitorgarh,   Banswara, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Pali


13 TI +1Transit


Bikaner,  Ajmer, SriGanganagar, Churu,  Jhunjhunu, Nagaur

12 TI +1 Transit + 1 OST


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